Port Handling

Our port terminal is located in the northern part of the Ruhr area in Wesel on the Rhine. It creates a new and important hub for transport by water, road and rail. This enables us to offer you integrated, comprehensive and sustainable transport solutions that optimise your business processes while reducing CO2 emissions at the same time.

Our bulk goods terminal
in Wesel

With an area of around 25,000 m2, 350 metres of quay wall and 3 dredgers, we currently handle 3-4 vessels per day. We offer you a full range of options, from vessel discharge to charter and bespoke concepts with subsequent road or rail transport. Use our infrastructure to your advantage and make the "last mile" as short and efficient as possible.

We plan to significantly increase the capacity of our terminal with new investments in infrastructure. New warehouses and another transshipment centre are currently under construction.


Facts and figures about our bulk goods terminal at a glance

  • 350 meters of quay wall
  • 25.000 m2 facility area
  • Discharge of 3-4 vessels per day
  • 3 material handlers in use
  • Trimodal system with three modes of transport: water/vessel, road/truck and rail/train

transportation concepts

Reducing CO2 emissions is a daily challenge for the logistics industry, and we are committed to helping our customers implement sustainable projects. For example, we recently commissioned a new silo facility at our bulk terminal in Wesel. From now on, 60,000 tonnes of dolime from Belgium will be delivered to the terminal by ship each year. We unload and store the material for regular transport to our customer's glass factory in nearby Gladbeck.

This way, we are shifting 2,400 truck journeys from the road to 30 inland waterway vessels and are making an important contribution to reducing traffic and CO2 emissions together with our customer. Only the last 35 km are covered by truck, and then only at night, to streamline deliveries to the plant and optimise production processes. This means that our concept and the use of the new silo system is paying off in several ways. Efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

Would you like to know more about customised and sustainable concepts for reducing CO2 in silo logistics? Then call us today. And let our creativity do the talking.

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Port Handling

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Head of Port Handling

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„We combine water, road and rail to create integrated transport solutions that minimise CO2 emissions and increase efficiency.“

Thomas Heinrichs
Head of Port Handling