We offer a safe and reliable logistics solution for your foodstuffs across Europe. With our modern fleet and specialist equipment, we can meet the most demanding requirements with ease. We set ourselves the highest standards of hygiene.

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Imgrund handles the end-to-end logistics for a wide range of granulated and powdered foods. Our expertise spans the entire supply chain in the food industry. We set ourselves the highest quality standards and provide solutions that meet the requirements of food legislation in accordance with HACCP specifications.

We can also handle the entire logistics process (e.g. for mills). We take over existing vehicle fleets and deploy experienced personnel to make processes more efficient and both transport and logistics more cost-effective. With satellite depots in Berlin, Frankfurt, Ergolding, Mannheim, Salzgitter, Gelsenkirchen, Itzehoe and Wesel, we cover a large and growing transport network.


Our benefits for the food industry

  • High quality standards and purity promise
  • Optimised processes that are tailored perfectly to the food industry
  • Specialised vehicles and trained workforce
  • Our HACCP certification ensures that your goods are transported hygienically and cleanly
  • We meet the specific needs of product recipients
  • Vacuum trucks for the food industry
  • End-to-end logistics including takeover of your vehicle fleet possible
  • Satellite depots in Berlin, Frankfurt, Ergolding, Mannheim, Salzgitter, Gelsenkirchen, Itzehoe and Wesel
  • We transport flour, sugar, semolina, starch, mustard, cocoa powder, chocolate and more

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Quality assurance is our top priority. Of course, we regularly put this standard to the test and have the results certified.

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